Symposium 2 Video presentation

Symposium from Vanessa Gould on Vimeo.


Feedback online

  • agreed Art and Fear is a great book
  • nice pace video
  • what can architecture tell us about a place or mood?
  • Where did you take the films with architecture?
  • Sappho the famous ancient poetess was from lesbos
  • Last painting was described; positive, very ghostly, and in a sense translucent like suggestive
  • The humanitarian artist work comes out through the drawings and paintings in delicate colours though
  • There are very different approaches: some black and white sketches have very vigorous stroke where some coloured ones are more subtle
  • This painting is almost pastel like
  • What approach works best for you?
  • What were the black and white photographs in the middle? (they look like postcards)
  • The robot painting was very thought provoking

Feedback in the studio: 

Q:The second series of black and white pictures, what are they?

A: They are on film, and from Lesvos

Is there a reason why there is no-one in the pictures? Is it a deliberate choice? Or did you end up just taking  pictures without anyone?

  • I didn’t want to show the people. I thought it was more important to focus on the architecture
  • it is sad there is so many empty buildings and people are sleeping in the tents

Comments from others:

  • The  people are vunerable . And it would be a bit exploitive
  • There are a lot of empty buildings, and people sleeping in tents. There is an irony
  • you can feel the isolation in your work
  • I think the exploration gives your work depth and going out there in the same environment.

Q: Black and white photography is really studies to inform your drawing. Is that right?

A: Yes that is right

Q: Have you thought of drawing/ painting on the actual images? Or is it something that doesn’t appeal to you?

A: The pictures are studies, I would like to explore photography more and develop it myself to see different ways of working

Q: Are you still going to do an animation?

A: Work in progress

Q: Did you keep a journal while you were there? Journal – about the blog

A: I have been keeping up to date with my blog more but can’t really share what the people have told me. Q: Do you mean a more personal journal?

A: Personal journey option. And a voice over the video

Q: How many paintings will you include in the exhibition?

A: Around 5 paintings

Q: Do you draw when you are there?

A: Observational drawings

Other comments:

  • Black and white photography could be made into  a booklet
  • Going there for the people but your work is not about the people
  • It is about the absence of the people

Reflection on comments:

  • in the later stages I did make a booklet in indesign but decided it wasn’t needed. I finally understood, what Donald and Jonathan were saying that the photographs can be used when in conversation with someone who is interested, it can be a reference point or add more background to the paintings

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