Tate modern visit

Erkan Ozgen

I found this very difficult to watch. I know it is very direct and it shocks but I’m more concerned about the child and his trauma from these events. I’m not sure if this video will him in the future?

I can’t find anything positive to say about this video and all I can think about is the people I have met and I think it would be taking advantage of their story. It would be different if this was an adult and could make their own decision. The parents did however agree that it was ok to film…

Yinka Shonibare CBE

I love this room at the Tate, Yinka Shonibare how the patterns are very colourful. It reminds me of my time when I was in Gambia and the woman in such beautiful dresses. Yinka artwork is about identity and reflecting on colonialism and globalisation. I think I will spend some more time in this room when I go back to the Tate.

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