Light, nature and the relationship to buildings

Waiting and sunsets

I think the sunsets was a big part of my experience of being away in Greece. Watching the sunsets on the sea, made me think about the individuals that I had met while being in Greece. How many days have passed of not knowing what would be the outcome of their application. How many days has passed since they made the journey from their home country. The days, months, years go by waiting for paperwork that may or may not be approved.


The nature in Greece has an atmospheric feeling. In Kyllini you can see the mountains in the distance with snow and mist surrounding the mountains. You could see more when it rained. It looks like the picture below.

It reminded me of Greek mythology where Gods sit within the nature of our surroundings. This mythological atmosphere is something I would like to transcend within my paintings. The buildings are surrounded by this mystical feeling, they could be seen to be floating within the sea. It is a little surreal but more it questions the way we act as humans, have we run out of empathy that we would just leave someone in the sea and not rescue? Also, the atmospheric feeling relates to the unknown future of the individual. To live in such beautiful nature but still be so unsure of your future. The conflict of emotions that would be felt. The absence of people and the feeling of emptiness felt within nature and the surroundings.


The buildings itself represents that the people are sleeping in tents in Lesvos, unable to occupy the empty buildings. This is sad that they can not make a more permenant home in these buildings. And that they have had to leave their home to live in conditions that are not humane within Lesvos.


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