Selection of photographs for benefit event

The below are the photographs that I decided to exhibit at the benefit event. They are also the photographs that I would like to use or have used in the paintings. I decided to exhibit these photographs, I just checked with the venue if they had space and they did, so I thought why not. I also wanted my husband to exhibit his photography, that he has taken from his bus ride from Athens to visit me in Kyllini.

I thought it would be lovely to see our photographs on the wall together to reflect on our experience. Also, Rafal has taught me a lot about film photography and let me know that black and white film looks very good on architecture. I think this helped in my decision making on what film to use in what location when I was in Greece.

Event space and photographs on the wall

The space where the photographs hang is not a smooth wall but I don’t think that mattered, it added more grit to the photographs. The space is actually where Pink Floyd had their studios, Britannia Row.

I also used magnets to hang the work. It is great now that I have these prints I will probably hang them at home.

Selected photographs

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