card for the exhibition

After visiting the BA show, I realised I was looking more closely at business cards and the way to tell which card is to which artist is by the work on the display and how it links to the card. I think you visually look for the connection. Therefore, I have changed form the black and white photographs to the painting ‘Passing time’ to make the connection easier. Please see below:

After I printed this out and this was in my space, I realised that I think the capital ‘V’ in Visual artist should be lower case. This did make me think about if I really need to call myself a ‘visual artist’ or ‘artist’. I think I might just remove a title and just call myself by my name. Once I have made my final decision, I will use moo to create the card and deliver to home. I will then add to the exhibition space.

Trials of the card


Photography and layouts of card


Paintings and layouts of card

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