no human is illegal

In my previous post about spray painting, I was exploring what exactly I wanted to capture in this painting.

I now feel that I have resolved this painting to a point where I don’t feel I will work on it anymore. I think I have reworked this painting the most of any painting I have done before. I have learnt a lot of how the body of work will develop. I would like the buildings to feel like they are floating in nature to create an atmospheric feeling. Also, have hidden text or more obvious text to relate to the buildings or surrounding areas with graffiti.

As discussed, with Jonathan in our tutorial, I would start to think about titles. I thought the text in this painting which has been worked over and is not that visible in the painting, would be the title, ‘no human is illegal’. I think this is a direct statement and I think this contrasts well with softness of the painting.

I also have another two stretched canvas to look at, A0 which has been started and has changed multiple times and 85×80 which I have painted a very loose image which is now ready to spray paint.

I also have two more 85x80cm canvas to stretch in the next few days.

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