It was really lovely to invite Simon in to uni as a visitor to have a look at my work and see if he wanted to write some text for the exhibition. Simon spoke at my solo exhibition ‘Homelessness and perception of reality’, he read a poem and also made more people aware of the potential change of law to criminalise people sleeping rough in Hackney.

It was interesting to explain to Simon what the exhibition was about and try to contextualise the overall thoughts behind the paintings. I think what really helped was having the photographs, and explaining in more depth about the work. The abandoned buildings floating in nature. I did also give Simon my MA proposal and I think that helped explain my work in more detail.

I’m really happy that we were able to spend the time chatting about the thoughts behind the paintings and different techniques that were used. It was really a lovely time and also having Rafal (my husband) there helping me install the paintings while Simon was taking it all in, in preparation for writing the text.

The text is published on the ASH website, see below. The text will also be on display at the exhibition.

I really love this passage of text by Simon;

‘Watchwords on a watchtower, from London to Lesbos. The same you’ll read sewn into banners held by the Focus E15 Mothers on Stratford Broadway every Saturday afternoon, sprayed beneath the blank eyes of abandoned bunkers on the shoreline of Mytilene’

It helps visualise the problems in Lesbos and link this to similar problems closer to home, with the Focus E15 Mothers.

This is the Colour of my Dreams: Human displacement and boundaries in our environment. Paintings by Vanessa Gould

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