‘Welcome’ connects to my topic, ‘Human displacement and boundaries in our environment’ . The idea behind this painting is of an abandoned building almost floating in nature. It is of my experiences of volunteering in a refugee camp and welcomed to drink Syrian tea and play games with the children. ‘Welcome’ is written in Arabic, I loved listening to the language and felt it had a lovely sound. The painting reflects the close relationship and the memory of the experience. There are many sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea, however this also represents the waiting. The days pass as the people wait for paperwork, a permanent home or the stability of education for their children.

The style of the painting is similar to the other paintings in the MA Fine Art Digital exhibition however the text is in Arabic and the other paintings are in English. The style is the same with the abandoned building in the centre with nature. It is quiet with the atmospheric link to landscape but with slightly more colour due to the playfulness of reflecting on the experience of games with the children in the camp.

I would prefer to finalise two canvas paintings for the exhibition to connect to the size of 80x85cm and to create continuity with the artwork in the MA Fine Art Digital exhibition. This is currently a work in progress and if selected would be ready to hang the two paintings by the 9th July.


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