Setting up sound


I decided to take a photo of each part that is needed to make the sound work. I borrowed a media player which is actually not too difficult to operate. As I have figured out… Terry was great in helping me set up the sound. I really learnt a lot and feel more confident with setting up the sound. I thought I would write some instructions on how to set up just incase:

  1. Plug in the TV
  2. Attach the HDMI cable to the TV
  3. Plug in the media player
  4. Attach the other end of the HDMI cable to the media player
  5. Plug in the headphones to the media player
  6. Ensure both are turned on by the remote
  7. On the TV screen set up to music and press play. If not on repeat select also from the remote (this then enable the media player to play on repeat)
  8. Disconnect the HDMI cable and remove TV from exhibition space

Also, Ed helped with copying the sound to my USB in the correct format and making it sound louder. So thank you!

I think it was a good idea to add the sound of rain from Greece, to not just see the nature in the paintings but to be able to hear this while visitors view the paintings.

It is also is reflected in the text written by Simon; ‘┬áHot over the long summers, winter in the camps are cold and wet, with three times the rainfall of London. Thick mud flows between the sodden tents.’


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