Critical Evaluation

I think the MA has really helped me change my direction an approach to many aspects of my life.

I chose this MA in particular to know more about the digital world and understand how I fit into this as an artist. I have questioned my process and tried to challenge myself or attempt to go in a different direction. By doing this I have become aware of myself of how I interact and exist in a world that can sometimes feel like it is moving so quickly.

I understand now that it is important for my art practice to slow down and take the time to reflect. The way I can do this is by drawing and film photography. It helps myself to engage with the idea and while doing so think further into why it is important.  Also, I think writing is an important part, which allows myself to analyse and maybe discover directions or ideas that I didn’t know before. I think with drawing, film photography and writing enable myself to engage better and help to create the final artwork to a more resolved stage. In this process different thoughts can be realised and included in my paintings.

‘Making art provides uncomfortable accurate feedback about the gap that inevitably exists between what you intended to do and what you did’

(Art and Fear pg4)

The above quote from Art and Fear has really motivated me to produce more artwork. I think while writing the research paper, if I attempted to write earlier I would have been in a better position to know more clearly my intentions. This is the same with my art practice, I think by making art you can see where there is a gap and where more research needs to be explored.

At the start of January I was in Lesbos, I did start to use the film camera and volunteer but I wasn’t that prepared. There was a ‘gap’ that I could see in my work, that I hadn’t researched enough. However, from this experience it did allow myself to feel more empathy for the situation, and motivate myself to return prepared to help and document.

In the future, I would like to learn more about film photography by developing my own film and experiment with different film stock. I think from my time away in Lesbos that this really helped when I was back in my studio to have photographs as a reference point.

Photograph of studio

It would be great to continue to meet up with people from the course, to continue that relationship. I would like to start a collective where maybe we meet once a month and discuss our work and future plans. I think this would help to stay motivated and focussed.

I would like to apply for residencies or volunteer on more projects. Continue to document in similar way by observational drawing, film photography and sound from the location. I think this is how I can keep reflecting on my art practice. This also allows myself to question how do I fit into a world that is developing quickly, and how can I slow down to be more who I want to be.





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