Show build

It was a good feeling today when I finally stopped an realised I couldn’t do anymore in the exhibition space. I was really happy with the layout and the space. I think the way it is hung thanks to Jonathan’s idea to have the painting ‘Passing time’ hung higher than the other paintings creates curiosity and I’m now starting to get use to the question of why are the other paintings hung lower?

I think I gained confidence in my decision making as the show build continued. I think the initial ideas of hanging the paintings this way worked. And I really was more decisive when hanging the three paintings, that sit lower. I wanted the paintings to line up with the bottom of ‘Passing time’ where the horizon line sits within the three paintings. The closest painting to Passing time, I have lined up the horizon line of the sea to be level with the bottom of the painting. We slightly were out a few inches when hanging the first painting, but I made the decision that it really needs to aline with the horizon, because it will really pulls together the idea of time and balances the other three paintings.

Also, I didn’t want the paintings to be touching, I wanted them to be seen as individual paintings, however be linked by where the sky meets the sea or land. It exaggerates the atmospheric feeling.

I was lucky enough to have the wall space that divided Ben and my work. The wall space was not big but the painting that was A0 size, ‘Reflection’ was able to fit into this perfectly. I think it works well there because it is different to the other four paintings. It isn’t a close up of a building floating in nature. It is a building in the distance, and that is how it is within the space. It is at a distance from the buildings. Sort of a reflection of the mood of the main wall.

I went home and thought about the space a lot over the weekend after hanging the paintings. And thought about how I would use the rest of the space without adding too much detail.

I did attempt to put together a photo book. Please see photos below.

But I finally understand by doing this that it wouldn’t work, it wasn’t necessary to put the black and white photos together to display. They are a reference for the paintings. And it wasn’t a good idea to divide Simon’s text to put in the book either.

I decided by making the artwork, the next steps and how I would approach this space. I wanted to just have the headphones listening to the sound and reflecting on the text or looking around at the paintings.

The space wasn’t that dirty. I did spend time patching up the main wall with some filler and paint areas that were visible. I did paint the side area back to white and paint the box white where the cords for the sound would be hidden. I did mop the fall and scrub stains off the floor, however it is a walk way to the sink so it was hard to guarantee that this will remain clean but I plan to go in before the show to double check the space and make sure there is no rubbish outside the fire doors. I left in the afternoon, and people were still using the walk way.

I decided to leave the sink exposed. I thought about covering with wood and it was suggested that maybe I could use fabric. But something didn’t sit right with me to cover this up, the subject matter is sensitive, and it felt like sometimes that the refugee struggle is covered up, it kept linking to this in my mind. It wasn’t about creating a space that was perfectly white or needing to be in a white cube space. It was also about nature, and this can not be controlled. I thought it was best just to leave the sink and accept it was in the space.



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