William Kentridge

I was very inspired by William Kentridge artwork when I saw his exhibition at White Chapel Gallery in late 2016.

When I think about how I want to be as a visual artist and what I want to combine in my work, I really think his work enables the use of drawing and digital media, to still allow for himself to have his own voice, not being flooded by the technology taking control.

As an artist, I would like to be able still use drawing and painting, to be able to see that it is my work by the technique of how I draw but still being able to technology to push the boundaries further.

At the moment my research is starting with artists that I admire who have a background in painting and drawing but have taken their practice further.

From researching William Kentridge, I found this interesting talk about his work on the Tate Modern website.

In particular I really enjoyed how he spoke about different fragments and ideas that these are on the walls of the studio. In a person’s studio it is the mapping of what is happening. And as an artist it is to construct a coherence of the world.




Untitled 2017

This waiting explores the woman’s female reproduction system holding up the deconstructed building. It is an empowering painting, to show the strength of woman in a symbolical sense. The line through the middle of the picture, also representing the blood from the woman is contrasted against the deep blue sea beneath.


Skeleton 2015

I used acrylic paint, ink, pastel and kitchen foil to create the texture of this structure. I used the kitchen foil to apply to the paint and then remove. The bottom square in the corner is from this method. I wanted to show the building from a different perspective, to deconstruct and show the many layers.

Presentation of work

I presented my work last week, to the class. The presentation was of my paintings that I have created over the last few years. It was interesting to see the work in a presentation style to see where there are links and possible concepts.

I did attend last year, and then deferred my placement. It was then a long time from when I had written my application for the course. This really did create a lot of distance between my application and what I wanted to get out of the course to improve my practice. I think going away and then returning this week allowed myself, to look at my original application and realise my intentions. It was to push my artwork practice further to explore different mediums. I didn’t want to continue to produce artwork in the exact same way but challenge myself with different ideas that relates to technology and the changing time ahead.

It is really interesting each time I have gone back to study how learning styles have changed and what is required due to the technology that is now available. On my foundation course which I started in 2003, (tafe in Australia) which was Visual Arts there was a small amount of graphic art taught but there was nothing in the way of a blog but just a visual diary. Again when I did my BA leading on from tafe, there was computer work for an essay but it was again visual diary. It wasn’t until I studied Visual Communication here that it was all done online. It is interesting over time, even the way you learn changes at a quick pace…



Today we looked at the overview and the structure of the course. We also were questioned on what reflection means to us. At first I thought this was a simple question, to analyse or summarise something that you study. However, looking into this on a deeper level, it could have many meanings.

It could be looking into a mirror, or on a conceptual level, you would need to go deeper. From not thinking this way, or pushing myself to investigate my own practice in this way for some time, it was hard to bring back the memories of looking at things from a deeper level. It will be interesting to go further and really develop a stronger point of view. Through reflection it does allow you to have your own view point and by using this as a tool, with writing, it allows you track why you felt like this, or why you expressed yourself in this way. The blog will be a way to develop a stronger opinion, and not just rely on the visual to speak for the concept created.