Black and white film

Black and white film

The below photographs were taken in Lesbos.    

buildings - colour film

buildings – colour film

Athens Kyllini Lesvos

Photos & sound recording

Photos & sound recording

The below photos are digital and the sound recordings are taken on my iphone. This was my first day of when I arrived in Kylinni port. I wanted to document the area and try and capture strong feeling of nature….

Photographs - dystopia

Photographs – dystopia

The below photos I have taken to create the 30 second video. I thought I would experiment with these photos, play around with composition and zoom in on the structural elements. This is the view from the LCC library window,…


Above are photographs that I have taken with a film camera. I struggled at first to remember all the settings but I do really enjoy using this camera. I really like to be surprised by the process. I would like…