Please see link below a snapshot of playing around with my drawings in After Effects. This is just experimenting. I did try also to use the below photographs but the connection between the ink drawings and the solid realistic buildings wasn’t working. It didn’t make a visual transition. I would like to create a video with shapes digitally and the ink drawings

seagulls draft version from Vanessa Gould on Vimeo.








Untitled 2017

This waiting explores the woman’s female reproduction system holding up the deconstructed building. It is an empowering painting, to show the strength of woman in a symbolical sense. The line through the middle of the picture, also representing the blood from the woman is contrasted against the deep blue sea beneath.


Skeleton 2015

I used acrylic paint, ink, pastel and kitchen foil to create the texture of this structure. I used the kitchen foil to apply to the paint and then remove. The bottom square in the corner is from this method. I wanted to show the building from a different perspective, to deconstruct and show the many layers.