Unit 1 assessment

Formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed programme of study, relating to your Project Proposal

Please see below my project proposal. It has changed a lot from V1 to V2 and then slightly from V2 to V3. Over the last few weeks I have explored nature and technology and given the topic more of a visual direction.

MA Project Proposal V3

MA Project Proposal V2

MA Project Proposal V1

Critically engage with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion

I have engaged with different materials in my practice; ink, painting, video and VR.

The subject matter started out very differently by trying to move to a different space in time, Australian history. However, this idea was not progressing further, I couldn’t link this to my everyday, which I now know is very important.

In London, I’ve realised the importance of exploring my surroundings with photographs and then developing this further with different materials in my practice.

Also, the strength of learning how each others art practice develops has been a great learning curve. To really critic your own art practice allows for further depth and exploration in practice base research.

Please see below the links to the some practice base artworks;

Ink drawings


Observational drawing



Mid-Point Review 5 mins narrated video



Recycling and nature

work in progress

Change of topic


Deconstruct and time

VR workshop 

VR training


Critically reflect upon your practice and articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context of your creative practice

My artistic practice evolves from reflecting on society and observing this in my art practice. Varies artists have inspired and influenced my artistic practice throughout the year, William Kentridge, David Hockney, David Cross, Jules Engel, Len Lye, Bozenna Biskupska, Mark Rothko, Justin Mortimer, Anslem Kiefer, Doris Salcedo and Joseph Beuys.

Two books in particular really stand out that have influenced my ideas, Speculative Everything (Anthony Dunne & Fina Raby) and Doors of Perception (Aldous Huxley)

Please see below some reflective examples on my blog;

Anslem Kiefer & Doris Salcedo

Tate Modern – Max Beckmann

Justin Mortimer

research paper

Recycling and nature

work in progress

Meet up with Terry

Tutorial – Gareth

Support Systems Designers in Residence

Deconstruct and time




Mid-Point Review 5 mins narrated video



Presentation of work