Unit 2 assessment

Present a resolved body of original creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding (communication and presentation; technical competence; personal and professional development; subject knowledge; research; experimentation).


My body of work, was much more fluid once I had experimented and defined my intentions. This then allowed my proposal to be more clearly structured and have an accurate working title

‘Human displacement and boundaries in our environment’


MA proposal


Symposium 2


Analyse and critically reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context (research; analysis; personal and professional development).

I was able to reflect and challenge my art practice with tutorials, listening and learning from peer’s research papers, portfolio workshops and collaboration/workshops in the low residency.

This a developed my artistic skillset further by understanding the steps to document my time in Greece. In particular the collaboration at South Kiosk. It is also allowed myself to understand the importance to  visit different community organisations and exhibitions that reflect on sensitive topics.



Exhibition planning Last tutorial with Jonathan


Notes from the class research presentations 


Video - presentation Feedback on my presentation Presentation - Gabs & Arlette Janet's presentation Presentation - Kehkashan Presentations - Justin & Steph



How to build a portfolio


Pop up show

Drawings for video Photographs Dystopia 30 second video Pop up show


Low residency 

Thriving and surviving as an artist Stanley Kubrich & dystopia Collaboration Group tutorial exercise Workshop - printmaking Day out of exhibitions Day out of exhibitions Group presentations with Jonathan Prestwich Exhibitions South London My art overview notes (presentation) Collaboration on 35mm slide


Documentation of sound recordings, film photography, digital photography, video and observational drawing in Greece


Sound & photos Lesbos - 1st film photography Colour film Black and white film Observational drawing Greek mythology


Different art techniques that build a visual language, to be sensitive to the subject matter;

pencil drawing, spray painting and printmaking


Induction to printmaking & workshop Aquatint etching Spray paint colours Practice spray paint


Artists, exhibitions that reflect on human displacement and community organisations that work day to day with refugees in Greece


Roman Vishniac Rediscovered Migration


Welcome Schoolbox project


Hope project Low tech makerspace


Tate modern Visible Justice


Painting struggles before moving forward

Paintings works in progress


Life and art


Reflection on light, nature and the relationship to buildings 




Planning and design for benefit event


Flyer for benefit event

Reflection on  the struggles and moving forward with the  paintings in the MA show


Spray paint and acrylic paint continued


No human is illegal


No borders


Exhibition MA planning

Planning the space Exhibition planning Card for the exhibition Welcome


Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development (personal and professional development; collaborative and/or independent professional working).

The decision making process for the show was guided by the paintings. This then moved to discussion of collaboration and professional decision making for the MA show. This has enabled reflection on future plans.